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Hello! We are Jim & Sandy

So glad you found our web site. We are Professional Organizers. We have been in business for 12 successful years and have helped many, many clients like you.

We know that you have seen the “Before Picture”

With all the clutter, piles and piles of stuff and all the dust and dirt.

And then there is the ”After Picture”

with the clean and sparkling home, ready to go to the realtor for listing. Well, we do all that also… But… There is more!

We deal with the:


Downsizing, Moving, Aging, all come with complicated feelings.

Family Dynamics

Change and grief bring on intense feelings in families.

Items of Personal Value

An inventory of valuables makes distribution easier.

Family Memorabilia

Precious bits of family history need special care.

Financial Documents

Valuables like money, jewelry, stock certificates, financial accounts and banking records.

Protect the Property or Estate

Limit access to property until inventory is complete.

Who We Serve

Seniors Downsizing, Aging-In-Place, or Transitioning to Assisted Living; Caregivers; Senior Real Estate Specialists; Estate Attorneys; Trustees; Executors; and Fiduciaries.
If Estate & Business Organizers are the Professional Organizers you are looking for.
Please call us for a totally free, “Complimentary Assessment”. You can reach Jim and Sandy at 415-827-5529.  Thank you for calling with your questions and frustrations.

Get Organized Now!

Going through a major life transition and feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made? Don’t know what to do with all that paperwork, or those family heirlooms and mementos? Contact us today!