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Meet Sandy and Jim Trout

Jim and Sandy Trout

We founded Estate and Business Organizers, Inc., in 2007. This was after retiring from a 35-year career in the insurance industry, with a territory including 27 states and over 5,000 agents. We launched this second career to pursue a passion of ours – organizing.

We bring a wealth of experience to our work and a deep understanding of the benefits of organizing and inventorying items to help in life’s many transitions.

Whether you have ever misplaced important papers among the clutter of your home, felt the stress of the chronically disorganized, or simply need to downsize – taking control of “a lifetime of possessions,” we can leave you feeling more relaxed and productive.

We know that life transitions often affect everyone in a family. As a family run business, we understand the importance and complexity of family dynamics. Our specialty is working with seniors and their families, who are experiencing significant life changes, especially the loss of a loved one.

After the loss of a loved one, decision-making can be difficult. Added to that, not everyone in a family will share the same perspective. As professionals, with a vested interest in ensuring the efficient organization of estate items, we also make every effort to listen and leave room for the expression of important emotions.

While every situation is different, we do our best to exceed the expectations of our clients, whether you are an individual or a family, a financial or legal estate professional, a geriatric care manager, or a real estate agent. Our services are designed to meet your needs, through honest, efficient and creative problem solving.

We Can Help

We provide detailed steps and knowledge that can make your transition easier for you. We also maintain a network of professionals who specialize in issues affecting seniors.