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A Team Approach to Selling a Home

However, less may not be more when it comes to getting your home ready for sale. Potential buyers enjoy the exercise of using their own imaginations when a home is sparsely, yet tastefully, decorated. If you are like most homeowners, some maintenance tasks may need doing before your space leaves room for the imagination.

How Many People Does it Take to Sell a Home?

Your “team” will be made up of a number of individuals, all having specific tasks to perform. They could include a handy man, plumber, painter, carpet specialist, roofer, and an electrician. All of these people will get your home in great shape to sell. One type of professional, you might not have thought of, is a professional organizer to add to that list.

A professional organizer? Why would they be needed to sell my home? When you think about your home, it is exactly that, your home. Too many personal items can detract from a home’s potential. That precious collection of Royal Doulton plates and figurines overflowing the glass-cased cabinet in the hallway might prove a distraction. And the overstuffed leather chair with the worn armrests might make the family room look a bit tired and small.

Remember, you can’t just count on cramming the extra items into that spacious two-car garage to stage the house, either.  If you are like most homeowner’s your garage is too full to hold cars, let alone more stuff. Think of this as an ideal time to let go of all those unwanted, unused items.

Professional organizers can help you sort through and remove what you don’t want and pack the extras you may want to keep. In the process, you might even find the important paperwork that would come in handy for the new owners, like appliance manuals, product warranties, and those utility bills that show how energy efficient your home really is. Once all your possessions are organized and the unwanted items are removed, a professional cleaning company can help your home sparkle.

What Do Buyers Look for When Looking For a House to Buy?

Some buyers shop for a turnkey home, perfect in every way, while others look for a home that is close to their dreams, but awaits their particular magic touch to bring it to life. You can weigh your decisions to make upgrades or needed repairs based on your budget and projected return on investment.

If you use your team to get accurate inspections, along with the completion of necessary work and cosmetic touch-ups, in addition to estimates for any discretionary work, you will understand your investment choices and be in a better position to negotiate on the selling price. Teamwork can make all the difference.

Estate and Business Organizers can help you create your team. We work with experienced real estate professionals whose skills add value to our team approach. Call us for an assessment today.