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What to Do with All Those Items?

Most people do not create a detailed inventory of all their possessions to include in their will or trust. Many don’t even inventory their possessions for insurance purposes.

Wills and trusts provide direction and clarity for financial and real property allocation, but smaller items are often left in limbo or discussed casually as items to be passed to grandchildren, nieces and nephews. What do you do when the possessions and home of a deceased family member or client reflect the chaos of a cluttered life? Our team works under the direct supervision and control of a variety of estate representatives, including:

  • Family Members, Heirs and Beneficiaries;
  • Estate Attorneys, Trustees, Executors, CPA’s;
  • Conservators and Fiduciaries.

We assist with the difficult task of sorting through the estate paperwork and physical property. Our scope of work includes discovery and inventory of all items and then organizing and analyzing the contents of the home.

If needed, we can also provide assistance when an estate sale or auction is necessary.

Additional Services to Help Professionals, Executors and Heirs

We also do a careful search for estate papers which can mean looking through the house and gathering up financial statements, insurance policies, information about safety-deposit boxes, birth certificates, stock certificates and even cash stashed in everything from cookie jars to old boots.

All assets are important for the efficient settlement of the estate and in some cases take a bit of detective work to uncover. Progress reports are part of our process.

  • You can feel confident that we’ll find the family memorabilia and items of value.
  • You will receive detailed inventories with photographs and a listing of each physical estate asset, when needed to assist beneficiaries.
  • We work with selected auction houses to assist in converting assets to cash for the benefit of your client’s estate.
  • We can pack and ship an asset to a beneficiary, either locally, within the US or abroad.

At Estate and Business Organizers, we will recycle or re-purpose the items of property to the extent feasible and appropriate, and will dispose of the rest. Our connections to an array of resources enable us to get the job done in a timely, efficient fashion.

We have found that most professionals, executors and heirs can benefit from a consultation to determine if we are a good fit for their needs. Let us help you ensure your client is well cared for in this difficult time. Contact us now.

We Can Help

We provide detailed steps and knowledge that can make your transition easier for you. We also maintain a network of professionals who specialize in issues affecting seniors.