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As professional organizers, we know that life happens whether we plan for it or not. Our needs change at different stages.

Sorting Through a Life’s Worth of Possessions?

As professional organizers, we do more than provide boxes marked to go, keep and donate. We appreciate that every item has a story. Let us be your emotional coach, helping you sort out what to let go of and what to keep. You can feel confident that we’ll help find the family memorabilia and items you value.

What if I Want to Age in Place?

The concept of aging in place depends on what end of the spectrum you land on.

We often work with individuals and couples who are downsizing after their children leave home – empty nesters who want to get on with the next phase of their lives.

Moving from a large family home into a condo or apartment can mean sorting through years of possessions, including those boxes the kids left behind in the garage.

From quick turn-around projects to the ones that require an emotional journey to prioritize life’s treasures, we’ll work to make the process as painless as possible.

Are you a caregiver?

If you are a caregiver for an older family member, you might need to convert a room in your home, so they can move in with you, as an alternative to a care facility.

Sometimes it can mean removing clutter to reduce the risk of falls. We can assist with something as simple and important as organizing a room to transform it into a temporary surgery recovery room, too.

Our professional team can help you organize or remove unwanted items quickly and conveniently. We remove everything that needs to go, so when the transition is complete, the essentials are in place. At your discretion, the surplus can be donated, sold, re-purposed or discarded.

If you find yourself in a situation where an extra set of hands and professional advice would make the difference in what you’re going through, let’s talk about how we can help you.

We also work closely with geriatric care managers acting as guides and advocates for their clients faced with downsizing or entering a care facility. Professional organizers can make that transition easier.

We Can Help

We provide detailed steps and knowledge that can make your transition easier for you. We also maintain a network of professionals who specialize in issues affecting seniors.